Direct Mail Solutions

How it Works

We Write Your Message

The service begins with you placing an order for the required service. We will write your handwritten message using realistic “handwritten” fonts on our specialist printer. The unique thing about our equipment is that the printer will write using a real ballpoint pen.
It is an excellent way to send a large number of personalized messages without exhausting yourself with writing.

Stamp The Mail

Our service is versatile and professional, which is why your mail will always be formatted correctly. The recipient’s address and name will also be mentioned on the envelope in real handwriting through the printer.
We can also add a first-class stamp to the mail for a professional look. This will help you improve your business credibility and stand out in the market.

Deliver It

Of course, it will be a hassle if you have to deliver the mail through another company. We understand you may be required to pay more if you use another courier service for mailing.
You don’t have to worry about this with Hand-Right Mail.
We will deliver the handwritten message either to you, or to your customer directly for faster service.

Our Products


Sending handwritten letters to customers will be a breeze with Hand-Right Mail. We can write the message on A4 paper, A5 paper, small cards, or other items. The word length will depend mainly on your needs.
You can also avail more options for advanced personalisation. For example, you may include branding elements in the letter to market your business better.


We also have high expertise in creating merchandise and other items for businesses that require handwritten services. Our printer can be used for making brand envelopes with real handwriting. Customized envelopes can be used to send notices to the company workers.
You may also use the envelope to invite your business partners to formal dinners. They can also be used for mailing sealed letters to your customers. This option will also offer you more privacy if you don’t want a letter written because you will have to share its content.


Our printer with a real pen can also be used for creating postcards. These can be used for promotional purposes. The best part is we offer high design flexibility to offer you a better service.
You can choose a card design from the samples we offer or create your own design. Our team is cooperative and will work with you to provide the best results. So you will not have to worry about the quality of the work.


Notes are a handy way to send short messages to your business partners or clients. You may want to apologize to your customers after a technical issue, such as downtime of your app. Sending “Sorry” notes to customers is also good if the client suffered a mishap due to a company mistake, such as delayed delivery.
Hand-Right Mail can also help you write and deliver “Thank You” notes to customers for making a purchase from your brand. You may attach such notes with every item you sell as well.

Grow your Company with Handwritten Direct Mail

Helps Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Handwritten direct mail adds a personal touch to the mail because people consider it thoughtful. This is especially true if you send appreciative messages. It also allows you to offer after-sales service to customers without making much effort.
Your client will feel valued after receiving the mail. It may also encourage them to make another purchase from your you.

Excellent For Announcing New Arrivals

There are many ways to announce new arrivals or specials to clients. Email seems to be a faster approach. But many people block promotional messages, so your email ends up in spam.
With handwritten direct mail, you will be certain that it is more likely the mail will be opened. Handwritten mail definitely enjoys a much better response rate.

Get your Mail Opened
and Seen

People love getting personal handwritten direct mail. And it is a proven fact that, compared with types or printed envelopes, handwritten envelopes are more likely to be opened.
So, if you need to guarantee that your mail is opened and seen by your target audience, it makes sense to ensure that the envelope is handwritten.


These are some of the services you can benefit from by hiring us. If you want to learn more about our options and price quotes, be sure to get in touch with us.
You can also fill out our price quote form if you already know what you want to get printed using our real ballpoint pen printer. Our team will be happy to answer your queries and help you place an order in no time.